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New for 2002!
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Contemporary's GED Mathematics
Jerry Howett

New for 2002!

Contemporary's GED Mathematics is correlated to the 2002 GED Mathematics Test:

New Test Feature:Book Reference:
Test in two parts of 45 minutes each:
  • Part I with calculator
  • Part II without calculator
  • Specific instruction with the Casio fx-260 in each lesson where it can be used effectively
  • Practice using the Casio fx-260 in the GED Practice and Review exercise at the end of every chapter
  • Posttest and Practice Test divided into Part I (with calculator) and Part II (without calculator)
Use of number grids and coordinate plane grids on the answer sheet
  • Number grid instruction with whole numbers in Chapter 1, with decimals in Chapter 3, and with fractions in Chapter 4
  • Number grid practice in the GED Practice and Review exercise at the end of every chapter
  • Coordinate plane grid instruction and practice in Chapter 11
  • Posttest and Practice Test include number grid and coordinate plane grid problems in the same percentage and location as on the GED Test
Test based on:
  • Graphics (50%)
  • Set-up questions (25%)
  • Item sets
  • Word problems
  • Increased instruction and practice with graphics; increased graphics on tests
  • Frequent practice with set-up questions, item sets, and word problems