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Contemporary's GED Mathematics
Jerry Howett

Word Problems

Chapter Review Quiz


Choose the best answer to each problem. You may use any of the formulas on page 439 of Contemporary’s GED Mathematics that you need. You may also use a calculator. When you have finished the quiz, click on Submit Answers to receive feedback and results. You may also choose to e-mail your results to your instructor.


At a one-day sale, Robin paid $149 for a new lawn mower. The price she paid was $80 less than the original price. Which of the following describes the method for finding the original price?
Need a Hint?
A)Find the sales tax rate in Robin’s state.
B)Find the average of $80 and $149.
C)Subtract $80 from $149.
D)Subtract $149 from $80.
E)Add $80 and $149.

Problems 2 and 3 refer to the following information.

The Mid-Valley Adult School holds evening classes Monday through Friday. The school advertises that there are no more than 18 students in a class. On Tuesday nights, the busiest time, the school uses 15 classrooms. On Friday nights, the least busy time, the school uses only 6 classrooms.


What is the maximum number of students attending the Mid-Valley Adult School at any one time?
Need a Hint?
A)108 students
B)216 students
C)270 students
D)324 students
E)360 students

Next year the Mid-Valley Adult School expects to have as many as 450 students. If the classes do not get more crowded than they are this year, what is the smallest number of classrooms the school will need to accommodate all of next year’s students at one time?
Need a Hint?
A)20 classrooms
B)25 classrooms
C)30 classrooms
D)35 classrooms
E)40 classrooms

Carla and Joe want to buy new living room furniture that is on sale for $999. The store will allow them to pay for the furniture in 24 monthly installments of $49 each if they first make a down payment of $120. How much more does it cost to buy the furniture on the installment plan than to pay the sale price?
Need a Hint?

Problems 5 and 6 refer to the following information.

Three partners started a landscaping business. At the end of their fourth year they had a profit of $42,580. The partners decided to pay each of their six full-time employees a bonus of $1,200 and to pay themselves an extra $7,500 each.


How much was left from the fourth-year profits of the landscaping business after the partners paid bonuses to their employees and to themselves?
Need a Hint?

The gross income for the fourth year of the landscaping business was $165,214. What were the expenses for the business that year?
Need a Hint?

A train traveled for two hours at an average speed of 85 miles per hour. Then, because of track work, the train traveled another three hours at an average speed of only 27 miles per hour. The total distance the train traveled during the first two hours was how many more miles than the distance the train traveled during the last three hours?
Need a Hint?
A)58 miles
B)89 miles
C)116 miles
D)148 miles
E)251 miles

The formula r = c/n represents the cost of one item (r) when you know the total cost (c) of a number of items (n). Use the formula to calculate the cost of one book if a shipment of 350 books costs $4,550.
Need a Hint?

Joel makes $12 an hour for the first 35 hours of his work week. Then he makes $18 for each hour of overtime. Which of the following expresses the amount Joel makes in a week when he works 42 hours?
Need a Hint?
A)35($12) + 7($18)
B)$12(42 – 35)
C)42($18 – $12)
D)42($18 + $12)
E)7($12) + 35($18)

The price of a ticket to see a car show was $20. On Friday 467 people attended the show, and on Saturday 908 people attended. Which expression represents the combined dollar value of the ticket sales on Friday and Saturday?
Need a Hint?
A)20 + 467 + 908
B)20(908 – 467)
C)20 + (467 + 908)
D)20(467 + 908)
E)(467 + 908)/20