Introduction to Criminal Justice

Chapter 7: Policing in America: Issues and Ethics

Self-Check Quizzes

Police work is intrinsically satisfying because it is:
A)generally outdoors.
D)all of the above.
Failure to fairly represent all genders and races within police departments has led to several negative consequences. Which of the following is NOT one of the negative consequences listed in your textbook?
A)Expensive lawsuits
B)Court-ordered quotas to achieve the desired diversity
C)Consent decrees
D)Sensational publicity
A merit system of police employment is established when an independent civil service commission, in cooperation with the city personnel section and the police department, sets standards for three of the following issues. Which of the following is NOT set by a merit system?
A)Employment qualifications
B)Recruitment criteria
C)Discipline procedures
D)Performance standards
The movement to limit the discretion of police officers is the result of:
A)increased police-community relations.
B)lowered crime rates.
C)abuses of that discretion.
D)positive publicity about lowered discretion.
Police officers cannot make an arrest for every violation of law—that is, they cannot provide:
A)limited discretion.
B)selective enforcement.
C)high discretion.
D)full enforcement.
Which of the following has/have always made the police the major respondents to domestic violence calls?
A)Ongoing police interest
B)High concern for women's safety
C)Referrals from other agencies
D)The availability of 24-hour service
Which of the following is defined as the harmful physical and emotional outcomes that occur when the requirements of a job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the employee?
A)Racial profiling
B)Stress management
C)Organizational change
D)Job stress
Which of the following is a measure of coercion beyond what is necessary to control participants in a conflict?
A)Deadly force
B)Job stress
C)Excessive force
What is the average level of education in policing today?
A)a high school diploma
B)nearly two years of college
C)a 2-year college degree
D)a 4-year college degree
When did the systematic psychological testing of police officers begin?
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