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Rajkumar Buyya
Christian Vecchiola
S. Thamarai Selvi

ISBN: 1259029956
Copyright year: 2013

Authored by veterans in the subject field, this new textbook on Cloud Computing explores the most critical cloud components and covers all crucial aspects of the subject like Parallel and Distributed Computing, Virtualization, Cloud Computing Architecture, Cloud Platforms in Industry, and its Applications. With its student- accessible vocabulary and writing style, the book will surely prove to be an excellent and enjoyable read!

Salient Features :

  • Covers all important topics like Introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Applications, Programming of Clouds, and Cloud Platforms

  • Focuses on the platforms and technologies essential to Cloud Computing like Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, and Manjrasoft Aneka

  • Dedicated chapter on Aneka: A Software Platform for .NET-based Cloud Computing

  • Detailed coverage to Software As A Service (SaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS), Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Server And Desktop Virtualization

  • Pedagogy :

    • 120 Illustrations

    • 191 Review Questions

    • Footnotes interspersed within chapter contents


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