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Rains, Principles of Human Neuropsychology Book Cover
Principles of Human Neuropsychology
G. Dennis Rains, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania


Research Links

Basic Characteristics of Language
A linguistic theory on grammar.
A nice summary of English linguistics for non-English speakers.
Linguistics for beginners.
A glossary of linguistics terms.

Language Development in Children
Language development with a chart of development at different ages.
Good page on language development. Includes links.
An interesting guide for new parents on the language development of babies.
Language development site with several links to articles and books on the topic.
A brief biography of John Watson.
The B.F.Skinner Foundation.
An explanation of the difference between Skinner's and Chomsky's theories on language acquisition.
A basic overview of Noam Chomsky's language theories.
A guide to the social and language development (or lack thereof) of feral (wild) children.
Five cases of feral children and their lack of development.
An essay on the biological basis of language, particularly in acquisition.
Biological and psychological bases of language from MIT.
A description of the difference between the left and right planum temporale.

Aphasia and Other Language Disorders
A good look at the different types of aphasia.
Good definition of aphasia. Includes a brief listing of the types.
A description of aphasia, with contacts for patients listed.
A summary of aphasia. Includes a graph demonstrating how each type of aphasia disrupts different functions.
A list of symptoms related to aphasias.
Brain lesions associated with different language disorders.
Nonfluent aphasias (Broca's and transcortical motor aphasia).
A look at the location of Broca's area.
The cortical language areas.
A lengthy but good look at the right hemispheric analog to Broca's area and its effect on prosody.
An account of fluent aphasias, including Wernicke's, anomic, conduction, and transcortical sensory.
Description of central hearing loss with a definition of pure word deafness.

Language Components
Lexicon: word storage and retrieval.
The neurological basis of grammar.

Dyslexia, Alexia and Agraphia
A brief but interesting look at dyslexia.
A basic look at dyslexia and how it is studied.
Different types of dyslexia.
Alexia and agraphia.
A definition of agraphia.
Parietal lobe dysfunction, including Gerstmann's syndrome and agraphia. List of resources and links related to Gerstmann syndrome.

Right Hemisphere and Language
Homepage of Eran Zaidel, who studied right hemisphere language in split-brain patients.
A look at tone of voice.
Brief, clinical report of a right hemispheric stroke patient with aprosodia.

Hemispheric Asymmetries
A chart of anatomical asymmetries.
Galaburda's home page. Galaburda discovered a difference in the cytoarchitechtonics of the planum temporale of the left and right hemispheres.
MIT's look at hemispheric specialization.
A collection of excerpts on language lateralization.

Evolution of Human Language
A summary of human evolution.
Images and information on mammal brains. Includes brain endocasts of extinct vertebrates.
Full version of a paper on the evolution of the brain and language.
Language emergence.

Other Sites of Interest
Language and the brain.