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Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional
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Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional

Norman M Garland, Southwestern University School of Law


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Chapter 1: Nature, Origins, and Purposes of Criminal Law
Chapter 2: The Structure and Operation of the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 3: Constitutional Limitations on the Criminal Law
Chapter 4: Classification of Crimes and Basic Elements of Criminal Responsibility
Chapter 5: Parties to a Crime
Chapter 6: Incomplete Crimes
Chapter 7: Defenses to Crimes
Chapter 8: Criminal Homicide
Chapter 9: Crimes Against Persons: Other Offenses
Chapter 10: Crimes Against Habitation
Chapter 11: Crimes Against Property
Chapter 12: White-Collar Crimes
Chapter 13: Crimes Against Public Order, Safety, and Morality
Chapter 14: Drug- and Alcohol-Related Crimes
Chapter 15: Crimes Against the Administration of Justice
Chapter 16: Organized Crime, Gangs, and Terrorism
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This new two-color text equips Criminal Justice students with an overview of theory and substantive criminal law in the United States. It is particularly rich in its presentation of application cases that allow students to review cases briefly and understand the "hows" and "whys" of the courts' decisions. This text supports explanations of the law with numerous items that highlight ethical and practice issues, realities of on-the-job situations, introduction of detailed points of instruction and research through Web exploration, FYI, and Myth/Fact features.