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Juvenile Justice
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Juvenile Justice: Policies, Programs and Practices

Robert Taylor
Eric Fritsch
Tori Caeti


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Chapter 1: The Juvenile Justice System
Chapter 2: Juvenile Crime, Criminals, and Victims
Chapter 3: History of the Juvenile Justice System
Chapter 4: Choice, Deterrence, Biological, and Psychological Theories
Chapter 5: Social Structure, Social Process, and Social Reaction Theories
Chapter 6: Police and Juveniles
Chapter 7: Juvenile Law and Procedure
Chapter 8: The Juvenile Court
Chapter 9: Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 10: Community-Based Corrections for Juveniles
Chapter 11: Institutional Corrections for Juveniles
Chapter 12: Juveniles, Drugs, and Delinquency
Chapter 13: Gangs and Delinquency
Chapter 14: Special Populations
Chapter 15: Delinquency Prevention and Intervention
Chapter 16: Future Directions in Juvenile Justice
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Feature Summary
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