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Activity 1: Reading Exercise
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Directions:  Read the list of problems on the left and the list of advice in the box on the right. Match each problem on the left with the best advice in the box on the right.

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George has a terrible headache. He has to work today.


Larry has a math test tomorrow.


Cynthia has a toothache again.


Raul cut his head when he was working on his car.


Yen is hungry again after breakfast, and it is only 9:00 A.M.


Cary broke his hand playing tennis, so he can't take notes in class.


Sarah always has to work on the weekend. She never has any free time.


Joy saw someone stealing a book from a bookstore.


Javier's cell phone rings during class.


Joanna needs more money to pay her tuition.

A)He should not stay home from school today.
B)He could ask a classmate to lend him notes for those classes.
C)She should tell an employee in the store.
D)She should take a vacation.
E)She should eat a bigger breakfast.
F)He mustn't answer the call. He should turn it off so it doesn't bother people.
G)He must go to the emergency room.
H)He should take some medicine and call in sick.
I)She should get a job.
J)She should not eat so much candy.

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