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Activity 2: Listening Exercise
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See Text

Directions:  Read the following questions about the conversation. Choose the best answer for each question.


What is the student researching?
A)endangered animals
B)non-fiction books
C)computer research
D)endangered plants

What is the first area of research that the student wants to look at?
A)magazines about baby animals
B)websites on animals
C)laws about endangered animals
D)general books about endangered animals

What is the second part of the topic that the student needs to research?
A)documents about the protection of specific animals
B)articles about laws that protect endangered animals
C)general books about animals
D)newspapers about recent problems with animals

Where does the librarian tell the student to look for legal articles?
A)in the library books
B)in magazines
C)on the internet
D)in the city newspaper

Where does the librarian say that the student can find books about endangered animals?
A)in the non-fiction book section
B)at an agency that fights for animal rights
C)in the fiction book section
D)in magazines

Where can the student pick up the articles he prints?
A)at the printer's office
B)at the circulation desk
C)in his email account
D)in the second aisle on the left

At the end of the conversation, what does the librarian offer the student?
A)opinions on endangered animals
B)help reading the information he finds
C)books about endangered animals
D)advice on writing the paper

Where is the conversation taking place?
A)at a post office
B)at a student center
C)at a library
D)at a bookstore

What word best describes the librarian?

What can a person learn from this conversation?
A)When doing research, you don't need a specific topic.
B)When doing research, a student should look at different sources.
C)When doing research about a topic, you have to talk to an expert about that topic.
D)When doing research, you can expect a librarian to read the information.

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