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Activity 1: Reading Exercise
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Directions:  Read the journal entry below. To listen to the audio, click on the button <a onClick="'/olcweb/cgi/pluginpop.cgi?it=gif::::/sites/dl/free/007008226x/130370/play.gif','popWin', 'width=79,height=94,resizable,scrollbars');" href="#"><img valign="absmiddle" height="16" width="16" border="0" src="/olcweb/styles/shared/linkicons/image.gif"> (0.0K)</a> under the journal entry.


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Friday, December 5

What a night! I went to a birthday party at my friend Rachel's house, but so many terrible things happened. It all started after work. I was driving home when I remembered that Rachel's present was in my office. I went back to work to get it. When I finally got home, I took a shower. When I was showering, the lights went out! There was no power. Everything was dark, so I lit a candle. I was shaving my face in the dark, and I cut my cheek. Then, I was getting dressed. It was still dark, and when I was walking across my bedroom, I tripped and hurt my leg. Finally, the power came back on. I went out to the car, but when I was putting the present in the back seat, I hit my head on the door!

When I finally arrived at the party, everyone was having a great time, but one thing was wrong. Rachel wasn't there! She was at the hospital! When the power went out, she was walking down the stairs. She fell and hurt her head, so she went to the hospital. The doctors gave her stitches! Everyone was just hanging out while she was gone. Luckily, when Rachel returned, we were all waiting for her. We still had a good party with a lot of food and great presents for her, but what a night!

Directions:  Read the following sentences about the events in the man's journal entry. Put the events in the correct order by typing a number from 1 to 10 after each sentence. Number 1 is what happened first, and number 10 is what happened last. Be sure to type the number, not the word: 7, not seven.


The man cut his cheek while he was shaving in the dark.

Rachel went to the hospital for stitches.

The power went off while the man was showering.

The man was getting dressed when he tripped and hurt his leg.

When he was putting the present in the car, the man hit his head on the door.

Everyone was waiting at the party when Rachel returned.

The man remembered Rachel's present while he was driving home.

The man arrived at the party.

The man took a shower.

The man forgot Rachel's present.

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