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Grammar Forms and Functions Student Book Two

Milada Broukal, Glendale Community College

ISBN: 0070082278
Copyright year: 2004

Feature Summary

  • Unit previews enable students to set goals and expectations for each unit.
  • High-interest photos contextualize the grammar and reinforce students’ recall of grammar structures.
  • Complete grammar charts illustrate the form of grammar structures in visually appealing presentations.
  • Function explanations clarify when to use grammar structures in easy-to-understand language with examples.
  • Extensive practice guides students to accurate production and fluent use of the grammar.
  • Your Turn activities encourage students to draw from personal experiences while providing practice of the grammar in natural conversation.
  • Writing assignments in every unit build composition skills, such as narrating and describing, through real-life, step-by-step writing tasks.
  • Self Tests allow students to evaluate their mastery of the grammar while providing informal practice of standardized test taking.
  • Unit Quizzes in the Teacher’s Manual prepare students for more formal standardized test taking situations.
  • Additional exercises and test-taking practice in the Workbooks provide support and reinforcement for student learning.
  • Website activities provide listening skills development, additional grammar practice exercises, and expansion opportunities and additional practice.

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