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Activity 1: Reading Exercise
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Directions:  Read the article below. To listen to the audio, click on the button <a onClick="'/olcweb/cgi/pluginpop.cgi?it=gif::::/sites/dl/free/0070082278/130370/play.gif','popWin', 'width=79,height=94,resizable,scrollbars');" href="#"><img valign="absmiddle" height="16" width="16" border="0" src="/olcweb/styles/shared/linkicons/image.gif"> (0.0K)</a> under the article.


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Directions:  Read the following questions about the article. Choose the best answer for each question.


What is the article about?
A)earthquakes around the world
B)an earthquake in one city
C)the history of earthquakes
D)photographs of earthquakes

In what year was the big earthquake in San Francisco?

When did the San Francisco earthquake happen?
A)early in the morning
B)late in the afternoon
C)in the evening
D)in the middle of the night

What were most of the people in San Francisco doing when the earthquake occurred?
A)They were working.
B)They were eating.
C)They were sleeping.
D)They were attending a city meeting.

According to the article, why did many buildings in San Francisco fall during the earthquake?
A)They were too tall.
B)They were on unstable ground.
C)They were very old.
D)They weren't very strong.

What was the main source of destruction in the earthquake?
A)electrical problems in the buildings
B)shaking during the earthquake
C)floods from the ocean
D)fires after the earthquake

What happened to 225,000 people in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906?
A)They lost their jobs.
B)They lost their homes.
C)They lost their money.
D)They lost their families.

What did people do for the first time after the San Francisco earthquake?
A)They put out fires.
B)They took pictures of earthquake damage.
C)They counted the number of buildings that fell.
D)They helped those who lost their homes.

According to the article, what did scientists do with the information they got from the earthquake?
A)They developed new theories about earthquakes.
B)They developed a plan to prevent earthquakes.
C)They wrote articles about the earthquake.
D)They gave advice to city leaders to help prepare for the next one.

What is the writer's opinion about the San Francisco earthquake?
A)There were not enough firefighters.
B)People need to prepare for earthquakes.
C)It was sad, but scientists learned a lot about earthquakes.
D)Scientists need to help people more often.

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