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Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology, 9/e
David Shier, Washtenaw Community College
Ricki Lewis, The University at Albany
Jackie Butler, Grayson County Community College


Internet Activities

LUMEN Histology Slide Series

The Lumen Histology Slide Series is a collection of incredible micrographs of various tissues maintained by the Loyola University Medical Education Network.
Question: Who is the webmaster of this site and where is he located? Where would you find images of simple glands? What are the three basic types of muscle tissue?
National Cancer Institute Cooperative Human Tissue Network

This site is valuable to the student of histology, as well as the professional histologist. The user can learn how to collect, preserve, and distribute human tissues for research.
Question: List the CHTN member institutions. What types of tissues are collected at CHTN?
Classification of Epithelial Tissue

This site provides the user with information about epithelial tissue.
Question: How is epithelial tissue classified? List four types of epithelial tissue.

The University of Kansas maintains this comprehensive graphic site on human histology.
Question: Describe the organization of this site.