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Introduction to Robotics

S K Saha

ISBN: 0070669007
Copyright year: 2008

Salient Features

Saha: Robotics is an up-to-date, comprehensive book that presents a detailed exposition of the concepts using a simple and student friendly approach. The illustrations, case studies and exercises make this book a unique offering that is a must have for both students and teachers alike.

Salient Features:

  • Unique chapter on Recursive Robot Dynamics introduces methodology for automatic generation of dynamic algorithms.

  • Comprehensive coverage on Drive Systems, Robot control, and Robot applications.

  • Case Studies - discusses several robot systems with execution guidelines

  • Recursive Inverse Dynamics for Industrial Manipulator (RIDIM) and MATLAB based exercises.

  • Rich pedagogy of :

  • * 100 Solved examples

    * 141 Chapter-end problems

Advance Praise for the book:

“Excellent approach, language, illustrations and exercises”.

“This book has excellent coverage of Robot applications, Homogeneous transformations and Robotic programming etc. It has beautiful photographs that clarify most of the Robotic operations”.
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