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Data Structures using C

R Krishnamoorthy
G Indirani Kumaravel

ISBN: 0070669198
Copyright year: 2008

Salient Features

This book, Data Structures Using C is unique – it not only covers all the concepts of data structures but also explains the implementation issues with tested programs in all the chapters. It is an ideal text book for students of various courses in Computer Science as well as new programmers who wish to know about the usage of different data structures in their project.

Salient Features:

  • Uses C Language used to implement Data Structures

  • Special emphasis on Abstract Data Types and their implementation in various Data Structures

  • Exhaustive coverage on Trees, Binary Search Trees and AVL Trees.

Excellent pedagogical features include:

  • 104 Solved Examples

  • 138 Review Questions

  • 127 Multiple-choices questions

  • 115 Programming Exercises

  • 247 Illustrations

Small Cover

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