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Investments, Asia Global Edition

Zvi Bodie, Boston University
Alex Kane, University of California - San Diego
Alan J. Marcus, Boston College
Jain Ravi, National University of Singapore

ISBN: 0071262288
Copyright year: 2013


Online Learning Center

Find a wealth of information online! At this book’s Web site instructors have access to teaching supports such as electronic files of the ancillary materials. Students have access to study materials created specifically for this text and much more. All Excel spreadsheets, denoted by an icon in the text are located at this site. Links to the additional support material are also included.

Instructor’s Manual Prepared by Nicholas Racculia, Saint Vincent College. Each chapter includes a Chapter Overview, Learning Objectives, and Presentation of Material.
Test Bank Prepared by Larry Prather, Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Each question is ranked by level of difficulty, which allows greater flexibility in creating a test and also provides a rationale for the solution.
Computerized Test Bank A comprehensive bank of test questions is provided within a computerized test bank powered by McGraw-Hill’s flexible electronic testing program EZ Test. You can select questions from our test bank or author your own, and then print the test for paper distribution or give it online. This user-friendly program allows you to sort questions by format, edit existing questions or add new ones, and scramble questions for multiple versions of the same test. You can export your tests for use in WebCT, Blackboard, and Apple’s iQuiz. Sharing tests with colleagues, adjuncts, and TAs is easy! Instant scoring and feedback is provided and EZ Test’s grade book is designed to export to your grade book.
PowerPoint Presentation These presentation slides, created by Amanda Adkisson, Texas A&M University, contain figures and tables from the text, key points, and summaries in a visually stimulating collection of slides that you can customize to fit your lecture.
Solutions Manual Also prepared by Nicholas Racculia, provides detailed solutions to the end-of-chapter problem sets. This supplement is also available for purchase by your students or can be packaged with your text at a discount.


Solutions Manual
Prepared by Nicholas Racculia, Saint Vincent College, this manual provides detailed solutions to the end-of-chapter problems.

Student Problem Manual
Prepared by Larry Prather, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, this useful supplement contains problems created to specifically relate to the concepts discussed in each chapter. Solutions are provided at the end of each chapter in the manual. Perfect for additional practice in working through problems!

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