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Neurodynamic Mobility

1Which of the following structures is not placed under tension with the prone knee bending test?
A)the femoral nerve
B)the L 2-4 nerve roots
C)the rectus femoris
D)the hamstrings

2The median nerve is placed under tension with shoulder depression, forearm supination, and extension of the elbow, wrist and fingers.

3The radial nerve is placed under compression with shoulder depression, forearm pronation, extension of the elbow, and flexion of the wrist and fingers.

4Which type of exercises are prescribed for the patient with decreased neurodynamic mobility?
A)nerve gliding exercises
B)postural re-education exercises
C)McKenzie exercises
D)strengthening exercises
E)both a and b

5The tibial and common peroneal (fibular) nerves are tested with the Bowstring tests?

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