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The Shoulder Complex

1What shoulder motion is the best to use to test the anterior deltoid muscle?
A)internal rotation
B)horizontal abduction
C)shoulder abduction
D)shoulder flexion

2Where is the best place to palpate the teres major muscle?
A)posterior border of the axilla
B)deep in the axilla
C)immediately inferior to the spine of the scapula
D)the midaxillary line on the thorax

3Which of the following shoulder muscles can be tested against gravity with the subject in the supine position?
A)serratus anterior, upper trapezius, anterior deltoid
B)serratus anterior, anterior deltoid, pectoralis major
C)pectoralis major, teres major, middle deltoid
D)anterior deltoid, middle deltoid, serratus anterior

4What muscles are being evaluated with resisted of external rotation?
A)posterior deltoid and teres major
B)infraspinatus and teres minor
C)subscapularis and supraspinatus
D)latissimus dorsi and pectoralis major

5What is the Hawkins-Kennedy test at the shoulder is used to assess.
A)bicipital tendinitis
B)rotator cuff impingement
C)subdeltoid bursitis
D)tear of the transverse ligament

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