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The Elbow Complex

1To obtain maximal contraction of the brachioradialis muscle as an elbow flexor, the best position for the forearm is:
C)in mid-position
D)in any position
E)b and c

2Which muscle could flex the elbow if the three major elbow flexors were not available?
A)the pronator teres
B)the flexor pollicis longus
C)the supinator
D)the pronator quadratus

3Tinel's sign at the elbow is a clinical test for assessment of
A)median nerve involvement
B)ulnar nerve involvement
C)musculocutaneous nerve involvement
D)radial nerve involvement

4What tests other than flexion, extension, pronation, and supination should be performed as part of the assessment of inert structures around the elbow?
A)tinel's sign
B)the valgus stress test
C)the varus stress test
D)all of the above

5Entrapment of the musculocutaneous nerve would result in the following finding when assessing resisted elbow flexion:
A)strong and painful.
B)weak and painful.
C)weak and pain-free.
D)strong and pain-free.

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