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The Knee Joint Complex

1The primary function of the VMO could best be described as:
A)controlling hyperextension of the knee
B)controlling the medial alignment of the knee
C)controlling external rotation of the tibia
D)controlling the last 15 ° of knee extension

2The normal strength ratio of the VMO and VL in standing knee extension has been shown to be

3Peak patellofemoral contact stress per unit area during open chain knee extension would be expected to occur at:
A)35 ° of flexion
B)85 ° of flexion
C)65 ° of flexion
D)55 ° of flexion

4The safe range for performing closed chain exercises in the rehabilitation of the patellofemoral joint is:
A)90-50 °
B)120-90 °
C)0-45 °
D)45-90 °

5A plica is a residual synovial fold in the joint capsule.

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