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The Temporomandibular Joint

1What is the effect on the right TMJ of unilateral distraction/caudal glide of the left TMJ?
A)forward translation
B)backward translation

2Which of the following occurs (and may need correction via exercise) as a result of posterior capital rotation associated the forward head posture?
A)diminished activity of neck extensors
B)forward migration of mandible
C)elongation of submandibular muscles
D)tightening of the TMJ joint capsule.

3Neck pain, dizziness and headache may all associated symptoms of TMD.

4Males are more likely to suffer from TMD.

5Which TMJ mobilization can be used to reduce a forwardly displaced disk?
A)self distraction mobilization with gauze roll on back molars.
B)medial-lateral glide
C)joint distraction and forward glide
D)ventral glide

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