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The Lumbar Spine

1Which muscles make up the erector spinae?
A)spinalis thoracis
B)longissimus thoracis
C)iliocostalis lumborum
D)a and c
E)all of the above are included

2Patient is a 58 year old male whose chief complaint is back pain. Radiology examination reveals a gradual slipping of one vertebra on another in the lumbar spine. The term that generally applies to this disorder as seen on a radiological examination is?
C)lumbar spine stenosis

3How many degrees of rotation are available at the lumbar segment?

4Which of the following instructions often helps the patient to better isolate a contraction of the transversus abdominus muscle?
A)while holding your breath in tilt your pelvis back and flatten the back
B)while breathing out, pull your navel back and up, do not flatten your back.
C)while breathing in, push your lower ribs outward and upward.
D)while breathing out, lift your arms toward the ceiling.

5To produce a relative extension movement at L4-5 the therapist presses:
A)P-A on L5 spinous process
B)P-A simultaneously over the L5 transverse processes
C)P-A on L4 spinous processes
D)P-A simultaneously over the L 4 transverse processes

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