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The Sacroiliac Joint

1Form closure refers to a state of stability within the pelvic mechanism, with the degree of stability dependent upon its anatomy, with no need for extra forces to maintain the stable state of the system.

2Which is not a shortcoming for static (positional) testing at the SI joint?
A)difficulty in determining whether the asymmetry noted is normal or abnormal
B)difficulty in determining relative positions of bones
C)difficulty in determining which side is abnormal
D)determining whether the asymmetry is too asymmetrical or not asymmetrical enough

3A loss of hip motion is strongly indicative of a sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

4Which is not a medical condition that can result in a positive sign of the buttock?
A)septic bursitis
B)ischiorectal abscess
C)gluteal hematoma
D)hamstring rupture

5Ankylosing spondylitis does not often results in a full ankylosing of the SI joints.

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