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The Lower Extremity

1Which surgical procedure may be used in lieu of a total knee arthroplasty in the younger and more active patients?
A)total menisectomy
B)the high tibial osteotomy may be used with isolated medial compartment arthritis
C)the distal femoral osteotomy may be used in lateral compartment arthritis
D)both b &c

2The hamstring and patellar tendons are most commonly used for autologous grafts harvesting in ACL reconstruction procedures?

3Which portion of the knee meniscus is known to be vascular?
A)the peripheral 20% to 30% of the medial meniscus
B)the peripheral 10% to 20% of the medial meniscus
C)the peripheral 10% to 25% of the lateral meniscus
D)both b & c
E)both a & c

4In which decades are Achilles tendon ruptures more common?
A)2nd and 3rd decades
B)3rd and 4th decades
C)4th and 5th decades
D)5th and 6th decades

5Achilles tendon ruptures are more common in women than men

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