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The Examination and Evaluation

Available Video Clips for Chapter 8:

Principles of Goniometry

Ankle dorsiflexion
Ankle dorsiflexion (3537.0K)

Ankle plantarflexion
Ankle plantarflexion (2786.0K)

CMC abduction
CMC abduction (3834.0K)

CMC extension
CMC extension (3620.0K)

CMC flexion
CMC flexion (3142.0K)

CMC opposition
CMC opposition (2565.0K)

Comparison of GH internal and external rotation
Comparison of GH internal and external rotation (6133.0K)

DIP flexion
DIP flexion (3334.0K)

Elbow flexion
Elbow flexion (3383.0K)

Forearm pronation
Forearm pronation (3441.0K)

Forearm supination
Forearm supination (2930.0K)

GH abduction
GH abduction (4457.0K)

GH extension
GH extension (3272.0K)

GH external rotation
GH external rotation (3118.0K)

GH flexion
GH flexion (4771.0K)

GH internal rotation
GH internal rotation (3269.0K)

Hip abduction
Hip abduction (3211.0K)

Hip adduction
Hip adduction (3495.0K)

Hip extension
Hip extension (3595.0K)

Hip external rotation
Hip external rotation (2528.0K)

Hip flexion
Hip flexion (3741.0K)

Hip internal rotation
Hip internal rotation (2698.0K)

Introduction (22124.0K)

Knee flexion
Knee flexion (4699.0K)

MCP abduction
MCP abduction (2735.0K)

MCP extension
MCP extension (2928.0K)

MCP flexion
MCP flexion (2777.0K)

PIP flexion
PIP flexion (2554.0K)

Thumb IP flexion
Thumb IP flexion (2561.0K)

Thumb MCP flexion
Thumb MCP flexion (2753.0K)

Wrist extension
Wrist extension (2730.0K)

Wrist flexion
Wrist flexion (2772.0K)

Wrist radial deviation
Wrist radial deviation (3467.0K)

Wrist ulnar deviation
Wrist ulnar deviation (2372.0K)

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