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Microbiology, Fifth Edition
Microbiology, 5/e
Lansing M Prescott, Augustana College
Donald A Klein, Colorado State University
John P Harley, Eastern Kentucky University

Students, you may have received a passcode card with your text. At this time, this Online Learning Center is not passcode-protected, so no special code is needed. You can access the student materials on this site without using the code on the card.

Through the Prescott 2002 Online Learning Center, everything you need for effective, interactive teaching and learning is at your fingertips. Moreover, this vast McGraw-Hill resource is easily loaded into course management systems such as WebCT or Blackboard. Through the Online Learning Center, you will also link to McGraw-Hill’s new site with a huge dynamic array of resources to supplement your learning experience in microbiology.

Some of the online features you will find to support your use of Microbiology by Prescott, Harley and Klein include:

For the Student:

  • Additional multiple choice questions in a self-quizzing interactive format
  • Electronic flashcards to review key vocabulary
  • Study Outlines
  • Web Links and Exercises
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • An Interactive Time Line detailing events and highlighting personalities critical to the development of microbiology
  • Study Tips
  • Student Tutorial Service

For the Instructor:

  • A complete Instructor’s Manual containing chapter overviews and objectives, chapter resource guides, correlation guides, and more.
  • A comprehensive Test Item File, written by David Mullin of Tulane University is available through Page Out. The Test Item File containing over 2500 questions, and password protected, provides a powerful instructional tool.
  • The Laboratory Resource Guide provides answers to all exercises in Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology, Fifth Edition by John Harley and Lansing Prescott.
  • All images and tables from the text in an downloadable format for classroom presentation
  • Correlation guides for use of all resources available with the text and to the ASM Guidelines
  • Answers to Critical Thinking Questions in the text
  • Web Links to active microbiology sites and to other sites with teaching resources
  • A Course Consultant to answer your specific questions about using McGraw-Hill resources with your syllabus

Visit our Information Center to view a Sample Chapter, find out What’s New in the fifth edition, read About the Authors, learn about the Supplements, or read what others are saying about the revision of Microbiology.

For a complete listing of all student and instructor resources, visit the Student Center or the Instructor Center by clicking on those words on the left of your screen. Student passwords are available with each new copy of Microbiology, Fifth Edition. Instructor passwords are available from your local McGraw-Hill representative. To locate your representative, visit our McGraw-Hill web site at