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Antennas for All Applications, 3/e
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Kraus: Antennas 3e

What's New

  • Many new modern applications of antennas have been added. Todays wireless world has brought forth many new ways to use antennas, and Kraus/Marhefka discuss many new and modern applications. These applications make the material relevant and fun.
  • The references have been updated to include many recent additions to the literature. The many references throughout this book make this a book students and professional can use to help them navigate throught the important literature available on antennas.
  • The book has been reorganized to cover the fundamental concepts and antennas in the first half and then goes on to revisit these topics in more detail in the second half. This makes it easier for instructors to focus on the fundamentals and professionals can jump right to the advanced material if they want.
  • The visual approach of the book has been enhanced with new figures, as well as bigger display figures. This promotes visual, intuitive learning.
  • Many boxed examples are found throughout the book that give students an opportunity to see how problems can be worked out.
  • This book has over 1200 illustrations, 130 worked examples, 75 tables, more than 300 problems, over 800 references, with an index of more than 2200 entries providing quick access to topics.