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Organic Chemistry

Janice G. Smith, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

ISBN: 0072397462
Copyright year: 2006

Welcome to the Smith Organic Chemistry site. The Online Learning Center is designed to enhance your learning by offering tools for both the instructor and the student. Book specific content like quizzing, objectives and Web links can be accessed by choosing from the list to the left. These materials are designed to help you succeed in your course.

Organic Chemistry was designed to meet the needs of the "mainstream", "two-semester", undergraduate organic chemistry course. Dr. Smith developed this textbook with "today's" student in mind. Within her text, you will find a direct style of presentation that makes its material more accessible to students without sacrificing the comprehensiveness, depth or rigor of the material, innovative new illustrations that help students see the molecular basis of macroscopic phenomena and a variety of biological, medicinal and environmental applications to help students relate organic chemistry to their primary fields of study. Organic Chemistry, by Janice Gorzynski Smith is clearly the most up-to-date approach to the study of organic chemistry in decades.

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