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36.1 Conservation Biology and Biodiversity
Conservation biology addresses a crisis - the loss of biodiversity.

Conservation biology is an applied, goal-oriented, multidisciplinary field.

Extinction rates have risen to many times their natural levels, and many types of ecosystems are disappearing.

Biodiversity includes species diversity, genetic diversity, community diversity, and landscape diversity in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats.
1. Define "conservation biology."

2. List the various aspects of biodiversity.
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Study Guide
Biodiversity and Conservation
36.2 Value of Biodiversity
Biodiversity has both direct and indirect value.
3. What are some of the direct values associated with biodiversity?

4. What are some of the indirect values of preserving ecosystems?
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Biodiversity - Communities

36.3 Causes of Extinction
Habitat loss, introduction of alien species, pollution, overexploitation, and disease are now largely responsible for the loss of biodiversity.

Global warming will shift the optimal range of many species northward and disrupt many coastal ecosystems.
5. How does the introduction of nonnative (alien) species into a new habitat cause extinction of some of the native organisms?

6. How will global warming lead to widespread loss of species?
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Biodiversity - Human Impact

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Greenhouse Effect

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Global Warming
Acid Rain

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Killer Seaweed Begins U.S. Invasion
Radioactive Wastes From Medical Facilities: Where Do They Go?
36.4 Conservation Techniques
Because of fragmented habitats, it is often necessary to conserve subdivided populations today.

Identifying and conserving biodiversity hotspots and/or keystone species can save many other species as well.

Computer analyses can be done to select areas for preservation and to determine the minimal population size needed for survival.

Ecological preservation often involves restoration of habitats today.
7. What are "biological or biodiversity hotspots" and "keystone species?"

8. How can computer analyses assist in the field of conservation?
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Pest Control Alternatives
Air Pollution Control
Water Pollution Control
Solar Energy
Other Renewable Energy Sources

Case Studies
The Wolf in Yellowstone National Park
Averting Disaster In Biosphere 2

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