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Pause-café: French in Review / Moving Toward Fluency

Nora Megharbi, University of California, Santa Cruz
St├ęphanie Pellet, Wake Forest University
Carl Blyth, University of Texas at Austin
Sharon Foerster

ISBN: 0072407840
Copyright year: 2009

In Pause-café, students continue their study of French into the second year, traveling throughout the French-speaking world and exploring French and Francophone cultures via the abundant cultural material in this exciting new textbook. Pause-café focuses on and recycles seven major communicative functions throughout this intermediate-level textbook: describing, comparing, narrating in the past, reacting and recommending, asking questions, talking about the future, and hypothesizing. The key grammatical structures that support these functions, called Points clés, appear with practice exercises at the back of the book. What is unique about this approach and these materials is the idea of narrowing the focus of instruction to seven communicative functions, all of which appear in every chapter from the very beginning of the textbook. The functions are moved to the forefront so that students are prompted to view grammar as a tool to communicate more effectively. Pause-café helps students focus primarily on communicative functions because they are continuously recycled throughout the text, while the content and themes change with each new chapter.

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