Vander's Human Physiology, 9e
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Vander, Sherman, Luciano's Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function, 9/e

Eric P. Widmaier, Boston University
Hershel Raff, Medical College of Wisconsin
Kevin T. Strang, University of Wisconsin - Madison

ISBN: 0072437936
Copyright year: 2004

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Introducing the NEW author team!

But first, we should explain that the current authors (Art Vander, James Sherman and Dorothy Luciano) are still very much alive, and well. They are simply ready to retire from authoring the text-- which presents us with an opportunity to bring in a fantastic new team to continue the success of the text! The original author team will still be involved in future editions and will continue to serve as "consultants" on their book.

Here's a quote from new lead author Eric Widmaier about the team's plans for the future of the Vander text...

"In 1970, Drs. Vander, Sherman and Luciano created what has long been regarded by many as the most complete, readable and up-to-date Human Physiology textbook in the world. I am honored and thrilled to take over the reigns of this wonderful textbook, as it moves into the rapidly expanding realm of 21st century physiology. Together with my outstanding co-authors, Dr. Hershel Raff and Dr. Kevin Strang, we eagerly look towards the future with the goal of continuing our predecessors' standards of excellence, while making the text even more attractive to the ever-widening audience of physiology students."

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