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Introduction to Computing Systems, 2/e
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CS 061 is lower division computer science and engineering course that is required for all computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering and information systems majors. Its pre-requisite is a first course in programming (C++). The course covers Chapters 1 to 10 (except chapter 6). Contact: Walid A. Najjar or Brian Linard

Intro Part II (105.0K)
Chapter 1 (259.0K)
Chapter 2 (131.0K)
Chapter 3 (980.0K)
Chapter 4 (195.0K)
Chapter 5 (482.0K)
Chapter 6 (201.0K)
Chapter 7 (84.0K)
Chapter 8 (159.0K)
Chapter 9 (157.0K)
Chapter 10 (242.0K)