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Reading and All That Jazz book cover
Reading and All That Jazz: Tuning Up Your Reading, Thinking, and Study Skills, 2/e
Peter Mather, Glendale Community College
Rita McCarthy, Glendale Community College

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Introduction: Your First Week In Class
Chapter 1: How We Learn - Finding Out About Ourselves
Chapter 2: Topics, Main Ideas, and Details
Chapter 3: Determining the Author's Purpose
Chapter 4: Transitions and Patterns of Organization
Chapter 5: Inferences
Chapter 6: Figurative Language
Chapter 7: Tone
Chapter 8: Four Primary Modes
Chapter 9: Modes of Organization
Chapter 10: Fact and Opinion
Chapter 11: Bias
Chapter 12: Propaganda Techniques
Chapter 13: Evaluating the Evidence
Chapter 14: Scanning and Skimming
Chapter 15: Organizing Textbook Information and Test Taking Strategies