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News Writing and Reporting, 6/e
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Table of Contents

Part One: The Fourth Estate
Chapter 1: Today's Media
Chapter 2: Ingredients of News

Part Two: The Rudiments
Chapter 3: Qualities of Good Writing
Chapter 4: Summary Leads
Chapter 5: Special Leads
Chapter 6: Organizing a News Story
Chapter 7: Developing a News Story
Chapter 8: Quotations and Attribution

Part Three: Gathering Information
Chapter 9: Features
Chapter 10: Interviewing
Chapter 11: Computer-Assisted Reporting and Research
Chapter 12: Surveys

Part Four: Basic Assignments
Chapter 13: Obituaries
Chapter 14: News Releases
Chapter 15: Speeches and Press Conferences
Chapter 16: Weather and Disasters
Chapter 17: Broadcast Writing

Part Five: Beats
Chapter 18: Multicultural Reporting
Chapter 19: City Government
Chapter 20: Police and Fire
Chapter 21: Courts
Chapter 22: Sports

Part Six: Advanced Assigments
Chapter 23: In-Depth and Investigative Reporting
Chapter 24: Business News and Other Specialties

Part Seven: Beyond the Writing
Chapter 25: Law
Chapter 26: Ethics and Fairness: Responsibility to Society

Appendix A: Gannett Newspaper Division
Principles of Ethical Conduct for Newsrooms
Appendix B: Associated Press Style Rules
Appendix C: Glossary