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The SI unit of work is the

The SI unit of energy is named after
A)Albert Einstein
B)James Prescott Joule
C)Count Rumford
D)James Watt

The property that something has that enables it to do work is

A billiards player strikes the cue ball with a cue stick, thereby putting the cue ball in motion. The cue ball will continue to move until
A)it runs out of speed
B)its inertia is balanced by its momentum
C)its linear momentum is converted into angular momentum
D)the forces of friction and air resistance bring it to a stop

The same billiards player "breaks" by striking the cue ball with the cue stick and sending it into a stationary formation of billiard balls, thereby putting the balls in motion. The law of conservation of momentum tells us
A)the total momentum of the cue ball and the billiard balls has been reduced
B)it is impossible for the momentum of the billiard balls to be changed
C)the total combined momentum of the cue ball and the billiard balls remains unchanged after the break
D)the momentum of the cue ball is reduced by a factor equal to the number of billiard balls put into motion

A spinning top eventually falls over and comes to rest because
A)it has lost all its angular momentum
B)it has lost all of its linear momentum
C)the force of gravity has brought it to a stop
D)it has lost all its original inertia

In the cylinder of an automobile engine, the chemical energy of gasoline is initially transformed into
A)mechanical energy
B)heat energy
C)electrical energy
D)potential energy

The wound spring of a watch possesses _____________ energy.

A 75-kg window air conditioner falls a distance of 6 m to the street below (no one is injured). What was the PE of the air conditioner while it sat at rest within the window frame?
A)735 J
B)2205 J
C)3601.5 J
D)4410 J

A 1000-kg car is traveling at a speed of 10 m/s. If the speed of the car is increased to 20 m/s, the car's kinetic energy is

The law of conservation of energy states:
A)mass is a form of energy
B)it is illegal to waste energy
C)the end product of all energy transformation is heat
D)energy transformations occur without a net gain or loss of energy

Einstein's general theory of relativity
A)relates the movement of small particles in a fluid to their bombardment by molecules
B)describes light as having both wave and particle properties
C)interprets gravity as a distortion in the structure of space and time
D)proposed that heat was a form of energy

A spaceship and its crew travel at near the speed of light to reach the star Proxima Centauri. Observers on earth note that it takes 4.3 years for the crew to reach Proxima Centauri. To the spaceship crew the trip takes
A)more than 4.3 years
B)less than 4.3 years
C)exactly 4.3 years
D)zero time

The distance from Earth to Proxima Centauri is approximately 40.7 trillion kilometers as measured by earthbound observers. From the frame of reference of the spaceship crew, the distance to Proxima Centauri is _____________ and the clock on board the spaceship is running _____________ than clocks on earth.
A)shorter; faster
B)shorter; slower
C)longer; faster
D)longer; slower

All are advantages of solar cells except
A)little or no maintenance expense
B)no moving parts
C)can be installed close to where electricity is needed
D)generate electricity more cheaply than fossil fuel plants for a given power output

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