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Daily Concept Quiz
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TRUE or FALSE: If object 1 has a temperature of 20°C and object 2 has a temperature of 40°C, then object 2 must be twice as hot as object 1.

Which is smaller in size?
C)Neither (both are the same)

A cup of water and a piece of copper of equal mass are both heated with the same amount of energy. What can we say about the temperature change that each feels? Note: You may want to look up the values of the specific heat for water and copper.
A)The cup of water has the larger change in temperature.
B)The copper mass has the larger change in temperature.
C)The water and copper experience the same temperature change.
D)You cannot tell which has a bigger temperature change until you are told the precise value of the mass.

Which statement is true?
A)A piece of Styrofoam can have a bigger mass than a piece of steel.
B)A piece of Styrofoam can have a bigger density than a piece of steel.
C)Objects made of Styrofoam are always bigger than objects made of steel.

If you were to compare the pressure at the bottom of a 2 ft deep bathtub and the pressure 2 ft below the surface a deep lake, which of the following would be true?
A)The pressure 2 ft below the surface of the lake is bigger.
B)The pressure at the bottom of the 2 ft bathtub is bigger.
C)The two pressures are equal.

If you were to step out on the surface of Mars (which has an atmospheric pressure that is much smaller than Earth’s), what fate would await you?
A)You would get crushed.
B)You would blow up.
C)Nothing would happen.

Compare the buoyant force on a 2-liter Styrofoam ball to the buoyant force on a 2-liter lead ball, assuming both are completely submerged in water.
A)The buoyant force on the lead ball is bigger.
B)The buoyant force on the Styrofoam ball is bigger.
C)The buoyant forces are the same.

2 m3 of an ideal gas at 20°C and 1000 kPa are heated to a temperature of 40°C in such a way that the volume stays constant. What is the new pressure?
A)1068 kPa.
B)2000 kPa.
C)5000 kPa
D)7254 kPa

TRUE or FALSE: The kinetic energies of each of the molecules of an ideal gas at 20°C are all the same value.

The average kinetic energy of the molecules that make up an ideal gas approaches zero as the temperature approaches which of the following?
D)All of the above.

When it is hot outside, your body produces sweat on your skin to
A)keep a cool layer of water on your skin.
B)carry heat away from your skin through evaporation.
C)make you feel warmer.

Which is colder?
A)A cup of ice at 0°C.
B)A cup of water at 0°C.
C)A cup of ice and water mixed together.
D)They are all the same.

As you add heat to an ice-water mixture (while keeping the system in equilibrium)
A)the ice melts as the temperature of the water goes up.
B)the ice and water both increase their temperature at the same time.
C)the ice turns into water while the water maintains a constant temperature.

Suppose in the middle of a pool game, you shoot the cue ball, causing it to hit the balls on the table so that they end up in a perfect triangle in the middle of the table. This would be impossible because of
A)the 0th Law of Thermodynamics.
B)the 1st Law of Thermodynamics.
C)the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
D)the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics.

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