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Web Exercises
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1. Access a search engine to locate information on the prevalence of herpes simplex 2, genital warts, and molluscum contagiosum as STDs in the United States.

2. Look in online medical sources for up-to-date information on the involvement of DNA viruses in cancers.

3. Look up polio on a search engine and determine the current progress in eradicating this disease.

4. Research the topic of the three-drug cocktail used in treating AIDS and the advantages and disadvantages.

5. Type the search words herpes simplex type-2 into your Internet browser. Choose several of the hits for further exploration on this sexually transmitted disease.

6. Go the the MicrobeLibrary web site at and click on visual resources. In the key word box select viruses. Browse through the various viral animations and photos of select viral diseases.

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