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Kontakte: A Communicative Approach, 5/e

Tracy D. Terrell, Late, University of California, San Diego
Erwin Tschirner, Herder-Institute, Universität Leipzig
Brigitte Nikolai

ISBN: 0072560770
Copyright year: 2005

Feature Summary

  • High-interest, personalized activities form the core of the text, prompting students to talk about themselves and their experiences as a segue into learning about the German-speaking world.
  • Cultural and literary readings, written or selected for beginning German students, appear throughout.
  • Clear and concise grammar explanations (in the purple pages at the end of each chapter) provide students with the essentials for communicating in German.
  • Summary notes in the margins provide a tool for quick review and reference.
  • The Instructor's Manual contains a detailed walk-through of the first three chapters of the book.
  • The text and its companion workbook / laboratory manual offer ample opportunities for practicing structures and vocabulary.

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