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Multiple Choice
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According to the ecological family system perspective, ______ refers to the principle that each family member influences and is influenced by every other member of the family.

Which of the following was cited in your text as a reason for boys being more susceptible to family disharmony than girls?
A)Boys are more often the cause of family conflict than girls.
B)Boys are less likely than girls to express their emotions about the conflict.
C)Boys are more likely than girls to be exposed to family conflict.
D)Boys are less likely than girls to understand that a small amount of family conflict is not unhealthy.

The birth of the first child to a family
A)is associated with an increase in family cohesion.
B)is associated with an increase in marital satisfaction by mothers.
C)often destroys good marriages if the child is not planned.
D)is associated with a shift toward a more traditional division of family roles.

What are two dimensions frequently used to conceptualize parental disciplinary practices?
A)The quality of the emotional relationship between parents and child and the amount of parenting experience.
B)Parental age and the amount of parenting experience.
C)Socioeconomic status and the control exerted by parents.
D)The quality of the emotional relationship between parents and child and the control exerted by parents.

Dana has difficulty conforming to the demands and needs of her classmates and teacher. Her parents MOST LIKELY raised her using which parenting style?

Molly is usually not very responsive to her children’s needs and will not consider altering family rules even when there is good reason to do so. What type of parent is Molly?

Who is MOST LIKELY to abuse a child?
A)Child’s father
B)Child’s mother
C)Child’s babysitter
D)Oldest sibling

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding divorce’s effect on children?
A)In the long run, the adjustment of children in stable, single-parent homes is the same as the adjustment of children in conflict-ridden intact families.
B)Children’s emotional adjustment begins improving immediately after divorce has ended a conflict-ridden marriage.
C)Children of divorced parents have more difficulty establishing healthy parent-child relationships with their own children.
D)In the long run, children in stable, single-parent homes are better adjusted than children in conflict-ridden intact families.

As compared to the white majority, ethnic minorities place
A)greater emphasis on social interdependence.
B)less emphasis on socialization.
C)greater emphasis on competition.
D)greater emphasis on self-reliance.

Which of the following is TRUE regarding parents’ interactions with children?
A)Parents interfere more with the activities of later-born children than with first-borns.
B)Parents have less disciplinary friction with first-borns as compared to last-born children.
C)Parents pressure first-born children to achieve more than last-born.
D)Parents are more consistent in disciplining first-born children than last-born.

Socialization within the family is best conceived as a/an
A)unidirectional process of parents influencing children.
B)process of mutual shaping among its members.
C)unidirectional process of children influencing parents.
D)prescribed process with little room to change.

Which principle in the ecological family systems’ perspective deals with the entire family system being different than the sum of its parts.

What event is most frequently associated with a shift toward more traditional types of family roles?
B)The birth of the first child

The two dimensions of parental behavior that impact upon parent-child relationships are
A)affection and punishment.
B)social status and religious affiliation.
C)emotional relationships and parental control styles.
D)economic status and social issues.

Jack is a spoiled, impulsive, uncontrollable child in Mrs. McKenna’s preschool class. From speaking directly to Jack’s parents, Mrs. McKenna believes they are too lax and inconsistent in disciplining Jack at home. She thinks they are probably __________ parents.

Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A)Child abusers are found in all social classes and all religious, racial and ethnic groups.
B)Specific personality traits can distinguish abusive from nonabusive parents.
C)Abusive parents are enmeshed in a multiproblem family; no one single factor leads to child abuse.
D)Abusive parents are less concerned about social conformity than are nonabusive parents.

The most basic problem of the poor is
A)lack of money.
D)lack of health care.

Which of the following does NOT reflect an effect of poverty on child development?
A)A greater likelihood of being retained a grade in school
B)A greater likelihood of being a victim of child abuse.
C)Impaired cognitive, but not emotional or social development.
D)Impaired health.

Your sister Chris was divorced six months ago. She has custody of her two children, Brian and Andrew, ages 7 and 9. Both boys are having difficulties in school and your sister has yet to be her old self. What can you tell your sister about when she should expect things to get better?
A)Usually during the second year following the divorce, most families experience dramatic improvements.
B)Most families experience turmoil for several years following a divorce.
C)Life will never really get better; the impact of the divorce will cause ongoing problems.
D)The first year is the worst for all involved and even though your sister will seem better in a year or so, her sons will continue to have problems.

The impact of war on children
A)can be moderated through family support.
B)is always permanent and devastating.
C)exemplifies how vulnerable children are to loss.
D)is not really understood.

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