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Learning Objectives
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  1. Describe the growth of the brain during infancy. Include the concepts of hemispheric specialization and laterality.
  2. Cite and discuss the evidence for the effects of the environment on brain plasticity.
  3. Describe the course of motor development in the areas of grasping and walking.
  4. Discuss the roles of experience and culture in the development of motor skills. Give examples and relate these to the psychological implications of locomotion.
  5. Explain the principles that guide physical growth, and discuss the general trends in rates of maturation.
  6. State the national differences in growth and the possible explanations for these differences.
  7. Describe the course of puberty for boys and girls. Include social and emotional changes as well as physical.
  8. Discuss the factors that influence obesity and other eating disorders. Know the causes for these problems and strategies for helping children who experience them.
  9. Identify possible outcomes of early and late maturation.

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