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Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology, 12/e
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Divergent Plate Boundary (40.0K)

Convergent Plate Boundary (99.0K)

Silicate Structures (75.0K)

Bowens Reaction Series (10.0K)

Divergent Boundary Magma Formation (53.0K)

Convergent Boundary Magma Formation (155.0K)

Eruption of Mt. St. Helens (50.0K)

Cross-Bed Formation (154.0K)

Graded Bed Formation (75.0K)

Ocean-Continent Convergent Boundary (79.0K)

Hydrothermal Ore Formation (102.0K)

Geologic History of Minor Canyon (278.0K)

Development of a Disconformity (14.0K)

Development of an Angular Unconformity (341.0K)

Flow, Slide, Fall (84.0K)

Modes of Sediment Transport (80.0K)

Development of a River Meander (79.0K)

Creation of an Oxbow Lake by a Meander Neck Cutoff (744.0K)

Flood Plain and Stream Terrace (140.0K)

Artesian Well and Confined Aquifer (424.0K)

Groundwater Contamination - Gasoline (55.0K)

Pumping Well and Cone of Depression (25.0K)

Pumping Well and Cone of Depression 2 (10.0K)

Pumping Well and Salt Water Intrusion (20.0K)

Eruptive Cycle of a Geyser (58.0K)

Cross-Section of an Ice Sheet (192.0K)

Glacier Basics (74.0K)

Movement of a Glacier (22.0K)

Crevasses on a Glacier (137.0K)

Maximum Glaciaton During Pleistocene Ice Ages (156.0K)

Evolution of Basin and Range Landforms (128.0K)

Formation of a Sand Dune (87.0K)

Orbital Motion in Shallow Water (70.0K)

Seasonal Cycle of a Beach (57.0K)

Longshore Drift of Sand (48.0K)

Spits and Baymouth Bars (52.0K)

Human Interference with Sand Drift - Jetties (150.0K)

Human Interference with Sand Drift - Jetties (257.0K)

Human Interference with Sand Drift - Jetties (808.0K)

Human Interference with Sand Drift - Jetties (124.0K)

Human Interference with Sand Drift - Jetties (124.0K)

Coastal Straightening (21.0K)

Types of Folds (65.0K)

Types of Faults (182.0K)

Normal Faults (135.0K)

Reverse and Thrust Faults (77.0K)

Elastic Rebound Theory (30.0K)

Focus of an Earthquake (17.0K)

Particle Motion in Seismic Waves (60.0K)

Seismograph for Detecting Vertical Rock Motion (15.0K)

Seismograph for Horizontal Motion (250.0K)

Determining Location of an Earthquake (115.0K)

Formation of a Tsunami (157.0K)

Seismic Refraction (791.0K)

P-wave and S-wave Shadow Zone (58.0K)

Isostatic Adjustment Due to Erosion (36.0K)

Isostatic Rebound Following Glaciation (42.0K)

Fringing Reefs and Atolls (78.0K)

Breakup of Pangaea (35.0K)

Seafloor Spreading (115.0K)

Marine Magnetic Anomalies (61.0K)

Origin of Magnetic Anomalies (46.0K)

Age of the Sea Floor (59.0K)

Evolution of a Divergent Plate Boundary (88.0K)

Ocean-Ocean Convergent Boundary (76.0K)

Ocean-Continent Convergence (349.0K)

Continent-Continent Collision (27.0K)

Model of Mantle Convection (32.0K)

Continental Breakup by Mantle Plumes (28.0K)

Hot Spots and Aseismic Ridges (154.0K)

Isostasy in a Mountain Belt (9.0K)

Formation of Solar System (283.0K)

Birth of the Moon (129.0K)