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Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 6/e

Kenneth Rosen

ISBN: 0072880082
Copyright year: 2007

Feature Summary

Clarity and Precision – Rosen’s writing style is direct and pragmatic. Precise mathematical language is used without excessive formalism and abstraction. Care has been taken to balance the mix of notation and words in mathematical statements. All definitions and theorems in this text are stated extremely carefully so that students will appreciate the precision of language and rigor needed in discrete mathematics. Proofs are motivated and developed slowly; their steps are all carefully justified. Recursive definitions are explained and used extensively.
Flexible Organization – The dependence of chapters on previous material has been minimized to allow instructors flexibility to pick and choose topics. Each chapter is divided into sections of approximately the same length, and each section is divided into subsections that form natural blocks of material for teaching. Instructors can easily pace their lectures using these blocks.
Accessibility – This text has proven to be easy to read and understand by beginning students. There are no mathematical prerequisites beyond college algebra for almost all of this text, and the few places in the book where calculus is referred to are explicitly noted. There are no formal computer science prerequisites. Most students should easily understand the pseudocode used in the text to express algorithms, regardless of whether they have formally studied programming languages. Each chapter begins at an easily understood and accessible level, and only progresses to more difficult material after the basic mathematical concepts have been carefully developed.

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