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Western Films
Western films, from
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Buffalo Bill's Wild West
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, with quotations and images from programs and dime novels.
( )
The Official Buffalo Bill Site
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show official website. Yes, official.
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Dime Novels
Collection of images and texts of dime novels and penny dreadfuls.
( )
Natty Bumppo
An exploration of the figure of Natty Bumppo, James Fenimore Cooper's most famous literary creation.
( )
The Silent Western
Information on silent westerns, with images.
( )
History of the Western
Essays and images on the history of the western.
( )
The B-Western
A collection of information on B-western actors and films—"No "A" westerns, no TV westerns, no "spaghetti" westerns."
( )
The Spaghetti Western
Information on spaghetti westerns, with images.
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Clint Eastwood
The comprehensive Clint Eastwood site on the Internet.
( )
Science-Fiction Cinema—A database of science-fiction cinema, with images.
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