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The Red Scare
A collection of images from 1918 to 1921 on or about the Red Scare.
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Ayn Rand's Testimony
Full text of Ayn Rand's testimony before HUAC.
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Walt Disney's Testimony
Full text of Walt Disney's testimony before HUAC.
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Ronald Reagan's Testimony
Full text of Ronald Reagan's testimony before HUAC.
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Hanns Eisler
Information on Hanns Eisler, a composer and one of the first victims of the blacklist.
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Article on the blacklist and HUAC from
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The Hollywood Ten
Backgrounds and works of the Hollywood Ten, with links to pertinent information.
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The Rosenberg Trial
Account of the Rosenberg Trial, with transcripts and decisions.
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HUAC on Widipedia
"HUAC" entry from Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia.
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