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The History of TV
A history of television, timeline-style, with graphics.
( )
The History of TV Sets
A history of television with images of television sets through the years.
( )
The 1950s
A comprehensive collection of web links and brief paragraphs on the culture of the 1950s in America.
( )
1950s Film Collection
Collection of common domain films from the 1950s on suburbs. Includes promotional film for Levittown.
( )
The Drive-in
The guide to drive-in movie theaters.
( )
The Widescreen
The Widescreen Museum — Dedicated to the preservation of no longer current widescreen technologies.
( )
Aspect Ratios and Pan-and-Scan
Information on aspect ratios and pan-and-scan from
( )
Movies on TV
Discussion of movies on television from the Museum of Broadcast Communications.
( )
Box Office Stats
Searchable database of box office grosses for films, from
( )
Information on IMAX and contemporary 70mm film processes.
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