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Shadow of a Doubt
Shadow of a Doubt write-up at
( )
Description of mise-en-scene from a Yale course in film analysis, with images.
( )
Cinematography and Camerawork
Description of cinematography and camerawork from the same source.
( )
A History of Cinematography
"The Complete History Of The Discovery of Cinematography"—attempts to historicize cinematography as a phenomenon not entirely historically contiguous with film.
( )
Illustrated Guide to Film Shots
A listing of shot classifications, with images.
( )
Virtual Camera Movement
Discussion of "virtual camera movement" by its inventor, Dayton Taylor. This technique was later adopted for the "bullet-time" shots in The Matrix.
( )
Camera Movement
Flash animation of camera movements and their relationship to captured images.
( )
Robert Rodriguez on Lighting
Robert Rodriguez's "10 Minute Film School" talk, including some discussion on film lighting.
( )
Articles and a glossary on the arts of designing sound for film.
( )
Digitization and Editing
Discussion on the effects of digitization on film editing.
( )

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