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Silent Stars
Photo galleries of silent film stars.
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The Star System
"Stars: Greta Garbo Is Sad"—discussion of the star system in 1910s to 1960s Hollywood, with images.
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Tom Hanks
The Tom Hanks Appreciation Society website. Compare to studio-run fan magazines of classical Hollywood.
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John Wayne
Web site in honor of "John Wayne — actor, patriot, man of honor."
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Star Magazine
Star: Your #1 Weekly Celebrity News Magazine. Example of mediation of stars' personae.
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The History of Mickey
The official Mickey Mouse history site.
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Mickey Mouse on Widipedia
"Mickey Mouse" entry from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.
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Lillian Gish
The Official Website of Lillian Gish.
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Clara Bow
The Clara Bow Page.
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Rudolph Valentino
The Rudolph Valentino Homepage.
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Method Acting
"Method Acting" entry from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.
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AFI's top 50
American Film Institute's list of the top 50 film stars of all time, with associated anecdotes.
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