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An overview of the genre of comedy, from
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The Marx Brothers
A Marx Brothers online resource. Includes images, audio, video, and information.
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Silent Film Archive
An excellent archive of silent film information, the author's amazingly low opinion of Chaplin notwithstanding.
( )
The Damfinos
The homepage of the Damfinos, the international Buster Keaton society.
( )
Roger Ebert on Buster Keaton
Roger Ebert's appreciation of the films of Buster Keaton.
( )
Time Magazine on Charlie Chaplin
Time Magazine's "Time 100: The Greatest People Of The Century" article on Charlie Chaplin.
( )
Screwball Comedy
Screwball Comedy appreciation and descriptions, with images, from
( )
Cary Grant
Home of the Cary Grant fanclub and webring.
( )
Bob Hope
The official Bob Hope page.
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Woody Allen
The official Woody Allen page.
( )
AFI's "100 Laughs"'s review of the American Film Institute's "100 years, 100 laughs" list.
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