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Débuts: An Introduction to French

Jay H. Siskin, Cabrillo College
Ann Williams-Gascon, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Thomas T. Field, University of Maryland, Baltimore

ISBN: 0072897546
Copyright year: 2002

Program Supplements

Books and Multimedia Materials Available to Adopters and to Students

Student Edition The Débuts textbook is correlated with the individual episodes in the film, Le Chemin du retour, and contains vocabulary presentations and activities; pre- and postviewing activities; grammar explanations and practice activities; cultural, historical, and literary readings; and pre- and postreading activities.

Listening Comprehension Audio CD or Cassette The forty-five minute listening comprehension audio CD or cassette is correlated with the vocabulary list in each chapter of the textbook.

Workbook and Laboratory Manuals The Workbook and Laboratory Manual (in two sequential volumes) accompanies the main textbook. Each chapter is divided into sections that follow the organization in the main textbook; and each section, as appropriate, may contain both laboratory and workbook exercises. All chapters provide practice in global listening comprehension, pronunciation, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and culture.

Student Audio Program For use with the laboratory exercises in the Workbook and Laboratory Manual, the audio CDs or audiocassettes offer hours of listening and pronunciation practice.

Student Viewer’s Handbook Ideal for those courses in which Le Chemin du retour is used to supplement course materials other than Débuts, the Handbook offers a variety of pre- and postviewing activities for use with the film.

Le Chemin du retourThe complete film with on-screen pre- and postviewing activities.

Director’s Cut Available in either VHS or DVD formats, the entire film can be viewed uninterrupted. The DVD version allows inclusion of French or English subtitles.

Student CD-ROM This multimedia CD-ROM allows students to interact with the film while practicing vocabulary and grammar skills, listening comprehension, and reading and writing skills in a highly interactive format.

Online Learning Center A complete learning and teaching resource center for both students and instructors, this website brings the French and Francophone worlds to students’ fingertips and allows them to work with film clips for enhanced comprehension. Instructor resources are available to aid in building a complete online French course.

Books and Multimedia Materials Available to Adopters Only

Instructor’s Edition The Instructor’s Edition is identical to the Student Edition except that it contains annotated suggestions, cultural information, additional vocabulary, activity extensions and variations, and so on.

Instructor’s Manual/Test bank The Instructor’s Manual provides additional background information on the film as well as sample lessons, syllabus planning and scheduling suggestions, and an answer key for the Student Edition. It also offers suggestions for working with videos in the classroom. The Test bank consists of two sets of tests for each chapter of Débuts, as well as quarter and semester exams.

Instructor’s Audio Program The Instructor’s Audio Program, available on audio CD or audiocassette, contains the same material as the Student Audio Program, but the package includes an Audioscript.

Audioscript Packaged with the Instructor’s Audio Program, the Audioscript contains the complete recording script of the Audio Program.

Picture File The Picture File contains fifty color photographs from the film and is designed to stimulate conversation in the classroom.

Distance Learning Faculty Guide The Distance Learning Faculty Guide contains useful information on how to implement a distance learning course and how to incorporate the film and print materials in that environment.

Le chemin de retour book cover

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