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Regards sur la culture: L’amitié
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While their studies are intense, French university students also have many opportunities to spend time with their friends. As you learned in your textbook, universities in France tend to be located in urban areas and do not have enclosed campuses as do North American universities. Students take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them in the surrounding area. Their carte d’étudiant gives them discounts at cinemas, theaters, and museums, as well as many stores. The CROUS organizes some activities for them, such as guided museum tours and trips to historic places. The CROUS also publishes the events of the city and maintains an office where students can get advice about activities. Associations flourish at French universities, where you can find one for everything from tennis to theater to photography.

For entertainment, French students love to listen to music. World music has become popular in France in the past few years … one of the most well-loved musicians is Algerian raï singer, Khaled. The annual Fête de la musique, held on June 21, attracts musicians and fans from around the world. The Cité de la musique, designed by innovative architect Christian Portzamparc and inaugurated in 1995, is an enormous center dedicated to music with a museum, a performance hall, and an educational center. The superstore called the FNAC, similar to Tower Records, is a popular hangout for students who want to buy CDs or concert tickets.

French students also go often to the movies (see your textbook for more information on the long French history of filmmaking) … and of course, they love to just hang out with their friends at a café.



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